Make an impression.
Showcase your brand on an debossed notebook.

Be remembered.
Elevate your company brand by adding a unique touch.
We offer Corporate Embossing for all of our LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks. Choose from a range of colours to suit your desired branding.
Have your logo or name displayed on the wrap band, or embossed on the front.

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LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook Logo Embossing

Notebooks are the perfect brand ambassadors. A notebook cover featuring your corporate logo or enclosing a custom page layout can leave a lasting impression. Notebooks accompany their owner to meetings or even to the cafe around the corner.

Enhance your brand presence and loyalty with the following embossing options:

  • Single Coloured Stamping (Ink or Foil)
  • Blind Embossed (Colourless, no ink or foil used)

Wrap Bands

Communicate your own unique message to the reader with a custom wrap band. Create your own personal message or market your brand. Wrap bands are a memorable embellishment that can be printed or embossed to suit your needs.

LEUCHTTURM1917 Wrap Band 2
LEUCHTTURM1917 Wrap Band 3


LEUCHTTURM1917 Name Embossing

Individualise each notebook with a name or custom text. A perfect gift for employees or valued clients. With a beautiful font and up to 25-30 letters.

LEUCHTTURM 1917 Notebook Embossed Names 2


Need a more complex design? Try out UV Digital Printing. Print a detailed graphic or illustration with several layers or colours. Ideal for multi-coloured designs featuring motifs or gradients.

LEUCHTTURM1917 Digital Printing 2