Yearly Diaries & Planners

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow ” – George S. Patton

Plan your best year with our premium 2021 Diaries and Planners!

Plan your best year with our premium 2019 & 2020 Yearly Planners!

Planner Details

Our Planners are full of small details to help you organise your year and realise your goals. Each planner features an annual overview along with a monthly overview and tabular project plan to determine your yearly rhythm!


Planner Variants

LEUCHTTURM 1917 planners come in multiple variants to suit your specific needs. They come in 12 month, 16 month and 18th month variants as follows:

  • 12 Months
    • Weekly Planner & Notebook
    • Weekly Planner
    • Week Planner
    • Daily Planner
  • 16 Months
    • Monthly Planner with Notebook
  • 18 Months
    • Weekly Planner & Notebook
    • Academic Week Planner