Our LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks are designed very carefully – down to the last detail. The pages are numbered and there is an empty table of contents for you to make it easier to organise your notes. There are several perforated pages at the back of every notebook, just in case you want to share a note with someone else. All books come with a set of self-adhesive labels which help you to archive them.

“The hand is the window to the mind” said the German philosopher Immanuel Kant almost three hundred years ago. We see the world with our eyes but we really “grasp” it with our hands. Our sense of touch is so sophisticated that we are able to describe in much greater detail things we have grasped with our hands in the dark than things we have only seen with our eyes. Every contact, each touch sets off a chain reaction of  connections in the brain – and accelerates our thinking.

It takes time for us to learn how to read. And it takes years until our handwriting joins the individual letters in a smoothly flowing movement, which in turn inspires our thoughts to flow freely. It is precisely this complex interplay of fine motor skills, abstraction and imagination that makes writing by hand a veritable symphony of the synapses. Writing by hand strengthens the connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. For our minds, few things are as integral and sophisticated as writing with pen and paper.

No keyboard can replace the valuable thinking and processing mechanisms that occur when we put pen to paper. Students have more profound learning experiences when they make handwritten notes. Preschoolers develop language skills more easily with frequent use of pen and paper.   Knowledge is a resource that multiplies when used. As soon as we write something down by hand, we increase our knowledge.

We can only think a limited number of steps in advance. That’s why our heads sometimes buzz and most people can’t plan more than five consecutive chess moves. But as soon as we pick up a pen and put it to paper, we allow our thoughts to run free. We escape the inner confusion, simply by putting our thoughts in order. This empowers us to step back. And the resulting distance helps us to objectively view plans and projects. By writing our thoughts down, we bring them to life. By putting our plans on paper, we increase the chances of actually putting them into practice.

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