Bullet Journals

” Organize your what and remain aware of your why. “

Achieve your goals with the original Bullet Journal designed by Ryder Carroll.

What is the Bullet Journal?

The modern day diary, to-do list and reflective journal, all in one. It is a life transforming system for organising and achieving your goals to help you become the best version of yourself.

Our notebooks are specifically designed for The Bullet Journal Method pioneered by Ryder Carroll. You can however, use any notebook from the LEUCHTTURM1917 range. (Dotted or squared works best!)

To get started just take the following steps with your new notebook:

  1. Create the following double page spreads (and add them to your index):
    • 1st spread – Index
    • 2nd spread – Future Log
    • 3rd spread – Monthly Log + Monthly Task List
    • 4th spread – Daily Log (this is where you can start adding entries!)
  2. Update monthly and daily tasks as you complete them
  3. At the end of each month migrate any remaining tasks to the next month

View the short video below for an overview of Ryder Carroll’s method.